Hotel California

The Devil Inside 2017 | Michael Hutchence Tribute

20 year tribute by doXS as well

inspired by INXS + many inspiring artists

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Kiss The Dirt INXS Lyrics

Kiss The Dirt INXS Lyrics


Playing in the dirt

We find the seeds of doubt

Don't water them with your tears

Don't think about all the years

You'd rather be without


Eden let's me in

I find the seeds of love

And climb upon the highwire

I kiss and tell all my fears


Falling down the mountain

End up kissing dirt

Look a little closer

Sometimes it wouldn't hurt


Playing in the dirt

We find the seeds of fun

And we scream like alleycats

Tearing down what we attack

To prove that we are one


Cutting through the night

And we find the seeds of lust

And loose our minds on one intent

These passions never seem to end